Innovative, Scientifically Secure Platform Protectecting Your Organization From The Flood Of Malware

Using our proprietary technology we have created a unique cyber security suite designed for enterprises who wish to keep their network safe and their products protected.

What makes it possible


In the base of our products is a specially crafted, security oriented thin hypervisor which allows us to fully secure and protect your assets. Using bluepill technology we can place a thin hypervisor under a running OS, and protect certain aspects of this OS or any of its currently executing processes.


While TrulyProtect's patented hypervisor technology can promise your machine will remain secure for as long as it is running on it, we have to take some measures to make sure the hypervisor can defend your machine and make sure it is not compromised. by design, any physical machine can be protected and it is up to the attestation process to guarantee this fact.


Execution Protection

Prevent execution of unauthorized code entirly, and gain full protection from any malware & APTs, both known and unknown. By collectivly blocking the execution of unauthorized code pages our solution effectively blocks any attack on the spot, 0-Days no longer matter.

Code Protection

Protect your product and guard your software assets from tampering and hacking, deploy your software with confidence that your software remains your software. With code protection you can fully monitize your software fully preventing piracy or guard sensitive algorithms.


Meet The Team

Prof. Nezer Zaidenberg


Mr. Mark Mattayev

General Manager Finland

Dr. Amit Resh

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Michael Kipperberg

Chief Scientist

Mr. Asaf Algawi

Mr. Roee Leon

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