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Security Without Obscurity

Today's cyber security threats dictate that we as organizations must change our ways of thinking. We put a lot of effort at protecting the outside perimiter of our machines but were powerless once the hacker had gained access to them. We employ obfuscation to protect our products when we are fully aware that obfuscation eventually fails.

This is where TrulyProtect enters, we at TrulyProtect had developed a gamechanging technology allowing us the create special impenetrable regions within your own machine, even from the OS, thus making any effort to hack the system futile.

True Protection

TrulyProtect presents the only solution for the enterprise market in which your software is protected by pure encryption rather than by obfusctaion

Scientifically Secure

Our solutions are based on peer reviewed articles published by our security researchers thus providing your with security backed by entire scientific community

Seamless Integration

Our solutions are all designed to easily integrate into existing platforms without changing a line or code in your products

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Presenting TrulyProtect's Patented TPVisor Trusted Platform

Utilize TrulyProtect's Core Technology And Protect Your Business Assets

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Anti-Reverse Engineering

TrulyProtect's patented solution is the only product in the market which employs pure encryption while protecting your most precious intellectual property. Using our patented solutions you can protect your application from IP theft, verift the app authentication and have it run as intended.

Realtime Data Protection

TrulyProtect's SecureData ensures your applications data is safe and secure, our product can seperate your applications memory buffers from the rest of the computer thus promising all unauthorised 3rd party applications cannot access it and steal your information.

Execution "Firewall"

Borrowing from the firewall concept, our Execution Firewall prohibits the execution of any unauthorised piece of code thus it guards your production servers, endpoints and critical machines even from the possibility of the executing any malicous software.

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